Weekly Rundown

Well, summer has finally hit us 🙂 Weather is beautiful and bright, except when those thunderstorms move through. They are quick, however, and the sun comes right back out. In all, it was a good week.

Monday: off. Except it was the last week of Burpees, so I did 32. Somehow, it seemed harder to do them when I hadn’t warmed up with anything else.

Tuesday: trying to increase my outdoor running, I went just a half mile further in my run. I did 2.53 miles in 29:44. I kept telling myself it wasn’t about the speed but the distance–speed later, distance now. (Not that I have ever been a speed demon, an average 9 or 10 minute mile was good for me.Mostly cuz I have that mentality–distance over speed.) It was a nice run, didn’t feel like I was going any further or hurt any more; which tells me that it was definitely time to go longer. When I got back I did 33 Burpees, and I was wrong–they were just as hard as Monday’s!

Wednesday: yoga. It felt soooooo good to stretch out. I did free yoga, but mostly followed my Crunch dvd moves. I did quite a few Warrior positions, and my knee held up very well. After stretching and twisting my body, I did my dang 34 Burpees. That night when I got home I wanted to do groundwork with Christopher Robin. In reality it was about five minutes of me leading him around. He was wondering where dinner was, so it was still an exercise in my leadership. Once he caved and stopped arguing, I gave him dinner!

Thursday: a run, and a good one it was. I have always been slow out of the gate, and this one was no exception. I  did just 2 miles, and knocked a minute plus off with the second one. I also learned that hill it took me three tries to make it up doesn’t hurt anymore. Not that it’s FUN, but it doesn’t kill me.  After I fed the horses on my way back down the driveway (they are never happy with me running out  without feeding them) I took 17 minutes to stretch and do 35 Burpees.

Friday: my body felt tight, so although I had planned a run; I got on the treadmill at 3 MPH and did 1.3 miles. My calves felt much better afterwards. And then I did my final set of Burpees…..whoooooo-hooooo! 31 Days in a row is, well, trying. Rest days are important. But 36 meant that I was done, done, DONE! I had meant to end at 35–started with 5 on  May 31, then added one each day in June. But somewhere along the way I did an extra, so I kept it.

Saturday: an unplanned day off. I was dithering whether I would run the rail trail when I went to the grocery store, or just walk Daisy. While deciding, I picked up my book. After finishing the last chapter or two, I picked up the next in series. After finishing it, I decided it was 11:30 and I better darn well go to the grocery store. I did, and when I came back I was dithering again about lunch or walking Daisy, so of course I picked up the next in series (there are about eight or nine, and I was restarting from the beginning) and read that. Then I decided I better do something, so I put away all the laundry, did the dishes and fed the horses. In all, I got less than 4000 steps in for the day. And I was okay with that. It felt really good to relax, and Daisy didn’t seem to mind at all since she cuddled next me all day on the chair.

Sunday: ok, I made up for Saturday’s relaxation–16,000 steps! I walked Daisy, rode Charby, long-lined Christopher Robin, helped my husband with that shed/camp out in the back field, weeded some trees, played with the garden, did more laundry……..It was a good day too. And boy, did I sleep well that night!



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