Weekly Rundown

What a crazy weekend. And no naps! Then I worked late yesterday–which was preplanned, but I forgot until right before I left for work, which meant  no writing in the morning.

I have been writing the rundown in the morning before work since I am taking Mondays off, putting my normal exercise time to good use.

But yesterday, I was so worn out from the weekend, I am lucky that I got up. I nursed my coffee while staring blankly at the morning news until it was time to get ready for work. When I got home, I fed the horses, the husband, checked the greenhouse, and then repeated staring blankly at the tv til it was time to go to bed. But today I bounced back!

Monday: I was still on vacation, so Daisy and I took a walk. We did 3.37 miles in exactly one hour, with the last mile being a brisk 16:57. Not only am I a long distance type, getting faster as I go; but, apparently, so is my dog! Daisy climbed on the couch and watched while I finished off with 12 minutes of stretchy yoga.

Tuesday: Another Daisy walk–she was loving my vacation. We did 2.32 miles at a slower 42 minutes, then I did my 25 minutes of weight training. I am again using the dumbbells, light as they are, instead of resistance training. I finished off my last vacaion day off with riding Christopher Robin. I even saddled him and did a real ride, which I am pretty sure he didn’t appreciate. I also learned that the twist of the stirrup was fairly uncomfortable for my leg, so I think I will be doing a sitting trot instead of posting for the forseeable future. Good thing both the horses are fairly comfortable.

Wednesday: I finally started the Burpee Challenge! As it was the 31st, I did 5 Burpees. I plan on adding one Burpee each day, so that by the end of the 30 days in June, I can do 35 in a row–hopefully with little pain 🙂 I threw the challenge out on Facebook and some of my like-minded friends have joined in. I started the morning with a 1 mile run on the treadmill, then my 5 Burpees, followed by a 20 minute yoga practice that was mix of strength (Tree, Warrior, Plank) and stretching movements.

Thursday: off!! Except for those 6 Burpees, of course!

Friday: I started a bit late, so I did a quick 11:41 mile on the treadmill, followed by 11 minutes of stretch-y yoga. And, of course, 7 Burpees!

Saturday: I had agreed to work the morning, so I needed to be there at 7am. That meant I wasn’t getting up early enough to have time to exercise. I also didn’t get a lot of sleep, which was a lousy way to start my weekend. I ran a few errands after work and got home around 3pm. I did my 8 Burpees, then, not wanting to leave Daisy out, I took her out for a brisk 1.4 mile walk. I would love to put in a time, but we had a few tech difficulties. When we got back I went out to the back field to work around my ring so I could start riding out there. Cars on my road are just a bit untrustworthy to be riding out on the road. Eventually my husband will use the new tractor with the bucket to even out the riding ring and make it beautiful. For now I just need an area to do a lot of walking and a bit of trotting.

Sunday: I started out the morning with Daisy. We walked out 1.75 miles at a brisk pace (1st mile was 14:30), and then ran back for a 3.5 mile total. We both did pretty good, it was her first run of the year and my leg felt much more comfortable running on the road. After I stretched and did my 9 Burpees.Then there was house cleaning to be done, and more work out in  field for riding. The Christmas trees we are growing needed some weeding and fertilizing, and that finished off the morning. In the afternoon we transported the shed we had disassembled out back to the field where the trees were growing. The pieces took a few trips, and some serious thought. Late in the afternoon I took Charby out to the ring and rode til the flies chased us in. And my legs gave out 🙂
The best part of the whole weekend was, even after all that movement, my knee really didn’t hurt and I didn’t need to ice it!

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